UJS at RailsConf Europe

It seems that there was alot of interest in UJS at RailsConf Europe. So much so that I ended up doing my presentation twice. I’ve added my slides and the example application to my site so go over and download them if you are interested. Towards the end of the presentation there’s a hint to some of the new features we’ll be adding to UJS over the next few releases.

There were some great questions and some great feedback both during and after the presentations so thanks for all of your support. I’ll also be presenting at The Ajax Experience in Boston at the end of October so hopefully I’ll see you there.

Luke has also has written up some of his thoughts about UJS and the conference over on his site so check that out too. In the meantime, be sure to keep posting bugs and enhancements to Trac. Version 0.4 will be out soon as well as more tips and articles.

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