Edge Rails support coming soon

As we mentioned in the announcement for the 0.3 release, there were some issues preventing the plugin (and other plugins) from working with Edge Rails due to the reworked dependencies system. It is for this reason that we advised freezing to edge revision 4727.

There was some discussion on the Rails core mailing list and a trac ticket for these dependencies which has now been closed. It seems that the dependencies system is starting to stabilise and as a result, I’ve just checked in some changes that gets the plugin working with the latest Rails Edge (revision 4887 at the time of writing).

As you can see from the changeset, the UnobtrusiveJavascript module has now been renamed to UJS. For some reason, the new dependencies system was getting confused by the UnobtrusiveJavascript module, which had files residing in (from a Rails app point of view) /vendor/plugins/unobtrusive_javascript/lib/unobtrusive_javascript. Renaming the module was easy enough and fixed the problem. There is only one API change as a result of this update: your UnobtrusiveJavascript::routes declaration in your routes.rb file will need to be changed to UJS::Routes. If you are running off of the plugin’s trunk, you’ll need to make this change right away.

For those not running on the trunk, expect a point release with the above changes plus some other bug fixes in the coming days.

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1. Comment by Rob Rix on 01 Sep 2006 at 14:09

I’m using trunk UJS and edge rails as of this morning and it’s working beautifully, thank you (:

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